What tents do people have?


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In current use;
Naturehike Tagar 1
Vaude Power Lizard SUL

Every now and again when wifey comes along;
Robens Mythos Duo

My first tent, used in Lakes Wales etc. pre UL tents,still used now and again for first nights on sites;
Vaude Hogan original (3kg+!)


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I have two, my old Caravan Hermit 2 person, that I bought in 1985. Apart from having to reseal the joint, it is still good.
I recently bought a very cheap, light, single person tent, a Highlander Blackthorn. It is a bit small and only 900gm lighter than the old one.
So am now waiting for a tarp to turn up. The combined mass will be similar to the old Hermit, but more space and somewhere to sit when it rains.
Picture below is the Hermit, covered in frost. It was only -3°C (Nov 2019)



A Wild Country Hoolie 3 picked up from Cotswolds in Preston, only cost £100 as they had no bar code for it!
And a Terra Nova Laser, 12 years old but good as new.

I know this is an old thread but I thought I would bump it.


I know! Don't think my mrs likes the idea though. It's a tent and perfect weather or nothing. Personally I prefer it a bit wild.


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I have quechua from decathlon, haven't yet used it though.


i bought a OEX phoxx 1
haven't used it though, was bought with intention of doing an overnight on a long hike but hasn't quite happened
maybe this summer....
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