Groupon con.


I had to go and collect my wife from the airport and after checking the website for parking facilities I was horrified at the prices. Then I spotted that Groupon had offers of vouchers to make savings of up to 35% on selected airports. I duly signed in to the voucher site and bought a £4 voucher, expecting to save around £16 on the parking fee. The short stay park wanted £47 per day, or part of a day!
On checking further it seemed that at the particular car park I needed my discount would have been £3.60! In other words, I would have lost 40p on the so called deal.
I have written to Groupon about this and would advise anyone who is thinking of using them to check and check again before parting with any money for services. The offers on goods seem to be on cheap Chinese rubbish that are offered discounted from vastly inflated "RRP" so pitching a huge saving. Most of this dross would not get a second look in a shop, it is what it is- garbage.
On the bright side, I picked up my wife and it only cost me £4, at a drop off point at the airport that was not advertised on their website. all it took to organise was a couple of texts. I find even paying £4 for a stop of less than two minutes a huge rip off and it confirms my view that airport operators in the UK are little more than thieves.
Ironically, the airport we used was Doncaster "Robin Hood" , named after a much celebrated English criminal. At least the airport owners are keeping the old traditions alive, although they have somewhat changed the "Rob from the rich and give to the poor" ideals to the more relevant modern axiom, "Rob from everyone."


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